Hansberry Project


Last Drive to Dodge-Entertaining and Serious at Taproot

Awe-inspiring Historical Drama

An exceptional production in every way, Last Drive to Dodge, opened last weekend at Taproot’s Jewel Mainstage, directed by the venerable Valerie Curtis-Newton. It was extraordinary in every way, the script by Andrew Lee Creech, the superb acting, the lovely accompanying music, the evocative lighting effects and the history lessons gently woven into the plot. As a joint production of the Hansberry Project and Taproot it was a tribute to a marvelous partnership.


“The Wedding Band” by Alice Childress

Alice Childress completed Wedding Band in 1962. It is set in rural South Carolina during World War I. Lovers Julia (a black seamstress played with heartbreaking sincerity by Debra Woods) and Herman (a white baker played from a brave heart by Chris Ensweiler) want to get married. They have been lovers for 10 years, and over that time Julia has had to move frequently. She longs for a place where they can be open with their affections and not have to deal with bigotry—from either blacks or whites. She is very much alone.

Is it necessary to remind you that South Carolina is in the Jim Crow south?

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