Arts West Offers Up A Very Merry Kraken Tea Party

Arts West has just the right theme for its 2020 Christmas offering:  a play that explores how loved ones can celebrate the holidays while separated!  Seattle’s talented and prolific Justin Huertas is the  playwright, composer and lyricist responsible for the imaginative premise of this sequel to his The Last World Octopus Wrestling Champion.  A Very Merry Kraken Tea Party will continue to work with characters from the previous work and most likely will also echo some of the wild ideas introduced in his Lizard Boy, which premiered at the Seattle Rep back in 2015. Huertas has a remarkable ability to blend totally off the wall sci/fi- fantasy shenanigans with heartfelt explorations of identity, love and loss.  The new work will feature five new songs written just for this production.  Tickets are available on line only and range in prices beginning at $10.  The play will be released on November 27 and should run through early 2021.  For more information and a link that will enable you to watch the show, go to

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