Innovative Hamlet with a Female Lead, PWYC Tonight!!!!!
New City Theater’s collaborative founders John Kazanjian and Mary Ewald
team up again to tackle HAMLET, with Kazanjian directing and Ewald playing
Hamlet.  It is staged in an intimate, environmental design with a single row of 32 seats.
The ensemble is made up of many artists that have made work at New City over the last
30 years, including Peter Crook, Todd Jefferson Moore, Elizabeth Kenny, Kristen Kosmas,
Seanjohn Walsh, George Catalano, as well as newcomers Tim Gouran, Brandon J. Simmons,
and Scott Ward Abernethy.  Set and costume design by Nina Moser, light and sound design
by Lindsay Smith.
Hamlet.  New City Theatre, 1406-18th Ave.  ( Corner of Union and 18th)  Central District, Seatttle
Preview PWYC Wed, Oct. 15. Opens Thurs, Oct. 16, Thurs, Fri, Sat. through Nov. 8.
at 7:30.  Tickets
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