Tiny Beautiful Things Dazzles at Seattle Rep

In her program notes, director Courtney Sale bemoans the arduous task she is given of staging Tiny Beautiful Things. In an imagined letter to the author Cheryl Strayed, Sale writes, “I am a bit terrified and a little angry you aren’t a play like I know a play.” Her concern is well founded: how in the world do you turn the give and take of Strayed’s advice column into a coherent stage production? Turns out Sale needn’t have worried. Playwright Nia Vardalos has done a marvelous job of adapting Strayed’s 2012 book into an effective stage piece. With the aid of a topnotch cast, the Seattle Rep’s Tiny Beautiful Things is a one-act play filled with moments of hilarity as well as heart tugging drama. Its hundred minutes fly by in a wonderfully entertaining night of theater.