Red Rover Theatre Company


Asylum in Georgia

A World premier, Asylum in Georgia, by Seattle playwright John C. Davenport produced by Red Rover Theatre Company, opened in Fremont on Thursday with more of a wimper than a bang. Taking place in a tiny town in the South, it was a combination of a comedy and mystery, as a woman retraces the steps of her youth to the place where her father died somewhat mysteriously and uncovers a few buried secrets about the town and its inhabitants.


Visiting Cezanne-and the Future

Artist’s Fall in Love with Despair

Red Rover’s new production at 18th and Union, Visiting Cezanne, explores many of the self-destructive as well as sustaining tendencies of artists, using a time traveling setting and plot. This vehicle brings together two discouraged artists and alters history.

Written by Duane Kelly, directed by Andrew McGinn, Visiting Cezanne introduces a contemporary frustrated American artist, Nora Baker, in the midst of a mid-life crisis, who is miraculously transported back to Paul Cezanne’s studio in Aix-en-Provence, circa 1900, i.e. six year’s before his death, in 1906

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