3-2-1 BATTLE!’s Weirder Steel Powerbombed My Heart (In a Good Way)

Nerds, gimps, and cheating Canadians could all be found kicking ass for an enthusiastic audience at Evolv Fitness on Friday. 3-2-1 BATTLE!’s Weirder Steel was funny, thrilling, and bizarre, and set up one of their biggest shows of the year.
Professional wrestling as a whole taps into an element of the Western theatre tradition that is rarely found elsewhere the dramatic arts: the Dionysian. Anyone who has looked into the history of theatre has probably heard of the Dionysia, a festival in ancient Athens that honored the god Dionysus and featured three days of dramatic performances. Dionysus, also known as Bacchus, is the god of wine, theatre, fertility, and ritual madness and ecstasy. When one sees a play these days, wine is likely to be available, but the madness and ecstasy tend to be in short supply…