The Hello Girls Extended Through August 19th

Taproot Theatre has blown it out of the park on its last performance of the season. After an extremely popular opening week, The Hello Girls will be staying one additional week. This production tells the story of America’s first female soldiers, the Signal Corps Female Telephone Operators Unit, also known as The Hello Girls. But more on that and Taproot’s rendition here: The Hello Girls-Delightful Musical at Taproot – Openings | Drama In The Hood


A Beach, or a Strange Place Called Grief

A Story of Grief and Self-Discovery by Radial Theatre Project

When Eurydice died Orpheus was so overcome by grief that he descended into the underworld to bring her back. He charmed Cerberus and Hades himself into letting his lover live again and only failed because of his own doubt. It’s this loss on which this play is based, a feeling so intense “all the rules are changed.” Zinnie Harris wrote the story of Robyn and Helen, two lovers who get marooned after a boating accident and are forced to confront their grief.

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