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Blood Wedding ( Bodas de Sangre)

Lost in Translation

Frederico Garcia Lorca, one of the most important figures in the intellectual and political history of early 20th century Spain, seems to be having a revival around Seattle, since in the past few years, I have seen a three plays either by him or inspired by him. Directed by Ana Maria Campoy, this weekend at Ballard Commons, far away from the noise of airplanes, 1-Off Productions staged an outdoor production of Blood Wedding ( Bodas de Sangre) in what was called a “bilingual production”. Given that it was far away from the flight pattern in Volunteer Park and was staged in front of a lovely grove of Birch trees, it was by far the most pleasant place to stage outdoor theatre in Seattle I have yet seen.


Space Seed

Dissertation Topic: Is Star Trek a Classic?

When we think of summer outdoor theater, we assume it is Shakespeare, so it initially seems out of place to produce something as contemporary as Star Trek, in a public park in the summer. However, Star Trek is just as much a classic as Shakespeare, and deals with the same universal material as Shakespeare’s histories and tragedies: larger than life characters, of the heroic and dastardly varieties, great moral issues and epic tales of conflict. Similarly, both Shakespeare and Star Trek have had huge cultural influences on English as well as world literature, cinema and culture. Outdoor Trek, opened Space Seed by Gene Coon and Carey Wilber, directed by Phil Duff, produced by Hello Earth last weekend in Dr. Blanche Lavizzo Park in South Seattle.

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