The Incubation Project

Pandemic Project

There are many ways to express the emotions people felt about the early 21st Century pandemic; some people took to violence and wife-beating, others spent time gardening and baking, the BGS Collective created physical theatre live at 18th and Union this weekend. N.B. streaming also available.

Using devised theater, movement theater, dance improvisation, clown and mime, the company of Sarah “Bix” Bixler, Leslie Graves and Dylan Smith presented an short program of three physical theater pieces set to music depicting various responses to the pandemic.

The first very abstract piece, symbolized the opposing needs for people to connect with others yet because of the forced isolation feel claustrophobic and distance themselves. Creatively using a sheet and some incredible music, the three kept the audience amused and entertained.

Another piece which told more of a story, and suggested mime, again with terrific music was “Mask Up” involved a Blonde “Karen” type that is to say, an entitled arrogant female in a graphic mask. Played by Sarah Bixler, she symbolized the menacing “outsider” to two “quaranting” individuals. There was a huge amount of very humorous stick which kept the audience entertained.

Like many 18th and Union productions, there was a lot of audience participation and a sense of community both before and after the performance. It was a simple short show, BGS is evolving but they are clearly going places.

The Incubation Period
. BGS Collective. 18th and Union. 1406-18th Ave. Central District. Seattle 98122. ( 4 Blocks East of 23rd Ave PCC, at the Corner of 18th and Union) Sat. Jan 28th 7:30. Tickets: Streaming: available to February 11, 2023.

All tickets to 18th & Union shows are Choose-Your-Own-Price (CYOP). We believe in accessibility for all, and we trust you to support us as robustly as you can. (Nobody is turned away due to financial constraints; please email if you need to request a pro bono ticket.)

Street parking available. Bus #48 on 23rd Ave, Bus #2 from downtown. 8 block walk from Capitol Hill Light Rail Station.

Masks Required

Alexandra’s café is open two doors from 18th and Union, I highly recommend it. Coffee, macaroons, pastries, Pizza on Thurs and Fri nights.

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