Experience the Magic of The Oregon Shakespeare Festival In Your Home

A music-filled ode to love!

Lift your spirits with A Midsummer Night’s Dream, streaming now on Shows on O! for just $15 for a 48-hour rental through July 22. This Shakespeare favorite, filled with laughs, music, and dance, was a huge hit with fans when it opened in the Bowmer Theatre. Director Joseph Haj brings out the heart in this hilarious show that’s a delight for the whole family.

The cast is filled with adored OSF actors—Royer Bockus, William Thomas Hodgson, Nubia Monks, and Jonathan Luke Stevens as the magically entangled lovers in the Athenian woods, Daniel T. Parker as Bottom, Lauren Modica and Al Espinosa as the fairy royal couple, Titania and Oberon, and many more.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream will only be streaming for two weeks—its run ends on July 22—so plan your date, rent the show for $15, and watch it any time within 48 hours after your purchase.

Viewing experience

This is the show in its entirety with the full cast of OSF actors, filmed on the Bowmer Theatre stage in front of a live audience earlier this year. Through most of the performance, the cameras are directly in front of the stage, so you’ll feel like you’re right in the theatre. A Midsummer Night’s Dream includes a charming 5-minute pre-show segment featuring some interaction with the audience, filmed at a considerable distance from the stage.

Answers to frequently asked questions

• To purchase Shows on O!, you will be asked to create an account on the O! digital platform—this is separate from your OSF account.

• If you have created an O! digital platform account to watch a previous performance, you do not need to create another one. To access your account, select the “Sign In to Continue” link below the red “Get Access Now” button to proceed.

• All Shows on O! have captioning, available by clicking the “CC” icon in the lower right corner of the screen while the video is playing.

• For the best viewing experience, we recommend using your computer. You may be able to connect your computer to your television screen using an HDMI cable. While other options may be available, we are not able to provide technical support for them at this time.

Looking ahead

Shows on O! heralds a new step for OSF into the future of theatre, and plans are already underway for more video offerings in the months and years to come. We hope you’ll join us for these two shows, our pilot program…and stay tuned as we develop more video offerings, bringing the joy of OSF to an online audience worldwide.

And don’t forget—The Copper Children is still streaming through July 15!

Read the latest review in New York Theater: “Zacarias’ script is so powerful – in the sympathy with which she paints the individual characters, and the obviously extensive research she conducted to put the events in context . . . The Copper Children provides stunning illumination of a moment largely lost to history, which offers some uncomfortable parallels to our own.”

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