‘Centrifuge’ at Stage One Theatre

At the beginning of May for two nights only, Infinity Box Theatre Project partner with 14/48 projects to bring Centrifuge back to the Stage One Theater at North Seattle College. Centrifuge is a collection of five, ten-minute science fiction plays preceded by a five-minute presentation by a science writer on the same topic that the play would take an artistic look at.

Centrifuge is centered around learning, but doing it in an atypical way. Every one of the science talks centered around news in the world of science that had just broken, and very recently too. The combination of science news with live-action plays may seem odd at first, but the form works well. You would get a dose of news, and possibly learn the history behind this breaking story, and then you would watch actors on the stage bring to life an aspect of what you just learned.

Each one of the science writers were interested in what they were saying to the audience, and presented their thoughts in such a way that you forget that you are learning. Then each of the actors and playwrights presented the plays in a humorous and fascinating way that you forgot that you were seeing an imagined future that could come about were the science that you just learned about to progress even further. From space travel to the moons of Saturn, to wristbands that can track your mood and prevent divorce, Centrifuge presents compelling stories that, based on current scientific research, could be our future.

While Centrifuge is a learning opportunity, it may not be suitable for all ages. Be advised there is swearing and various innuendos, so, proceed with caution. However, if you do want to learn about recent news in science other than searching for it on your computer, or even if you want to see a show with an interesting topic, Centrifuge is for you.

The final performance for Centrifuge will be Saturday, May 6 at 8 PM at Stage One Theater located at North Seattle College. 9600 College Way North, Seattle, WA 98103. The show is about two hours in length including a curtain speech and a brief intermission. Tickets are ‘Name Your Own Price’ and are available for purchase at the door as well as on Infinity Box Theatre Project’s website: http://infinitybox.org/centrifuge.html.

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