Santa’s First Magical Ride-The Musical


The Origin of Santa Claus explained by the Elves


Adapted by the book of the same name, by Paul S. Carr, Santa’s First Magical Ride-the Musical, is the only Christmas tale, which explains the secular origins of the American Santa Claus.  Original Bluegrass Music, by director and adapter, Ricky Gene Powell adds a delightful musical dimension to the Santa legend. 

Ostracized by humans, pointy-eared Elves live in isolation on the North Pole ruled by the grumpy King Kril, played by J.Spyder Isaacson.   Until one day…. when a round-eared hominid-baby arrives from the planet Yule. 

The Elf-family names him Kringle and raises him lovingly and to have compassion for all, even for the traditional oppressors of the elves:  the Humans on Earth.  When Kringle grows up, he convinces the elves that they can use their toy-making ability to peacefully reconcile with the humans .

As a group, they collectively decide in a civilized manner, to give toys to all the world’s girls and boys, on one night each year.  However, grumpy King Kril tries to thwart their efforts with his own magic, but the benevolent and beautiful Christmas angel, Elizabeth, brilliantly played by Lara Fox, comes to the rescue.  Joyously, the Reindeer are able to fly through the sky and Kringle becomes Santa Claus.

As a children’s show Santa’s Magical First Ride-The Musical has all the elements to entertain children:  a script with poetic rhymes which is highly amusing, conflict between good and evil, a hero overcoming many difficulties on his quest, great music, superb singing and dancing, positive direct moral messages, problem solving  and lots of audience participation.  It is a perfect children’s show. 

To add frosting to the cake, it goes above and beyond the call of duty because the children in the audience get to meet Santa Claus after the show, and have their pictures taken. 

SANTA’S FIRST MAGICAL RIDE-the Musical by Ricky Gene Powell and Paul S. Carr III. Celebration Arts Foundation  Fri.& Sat Evening at 7 pm.  Sat and Sun Matinées at 2 pm.  Dec. 6th thru Dec. 22nd.  6541 Jones Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117 ( formerly Ballard Church of the Nazarene.) Ballard, Seattle, WA for information;  Tickets are only $10.


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