Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day Previews- Unexpected Productions & Pacific Play Company

Counterpoint to the Valentine’s Day Holiday

For one weekend only, Pacific Play company will present “an appetizer selection of short plays and monologues” by David Breyman, Erin Ison,Lindsey T.H. Jackson, Alexander Luce, Marlena McHenry, Tadd Morgan Kelleen Conway Blanchard Matthew Ivan BennettKathryn Jean Keller,Morgan Ludlow Leonie Mikele Scott Stolnack Anna Tatelman Carolynne Wilcox.


Preview-Celebrate Valentine’s Day unconventionally with Murder

Passion and its permutations

Everyone is cordially invited to celebrate the Valentine’s Season by filling your dark hearts to the brim with songs of murder, mayhem, and true love gone horribly wrong. Join the band THE DAISY PUSHERS as they pay tribute to the Murder Ballad and share some old and new songs of betrayal, desire, revenge and bloodshed. Curated and performed by Meghan Arnette, K. Brian Neel and Adam Reese (The Daisy Pushers). Special guests contributing to the sinister celebration of Heartbreak and Murder include Aaron J. Shay and Celene Ramadan.

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