Hamlet (Variorum): A New Edition of Shakespeare

An “unplayable” version of Hamlet made possible.

Say what you will about Hamlet, but a full-length, four-hour production can be a lot to sit through. Thankfully, with Hamlet (Variorum), you won’t have to. Performed by the Outsiders Inn at Explorations Academy in Bellingham, Washington, this adaptation of Shakespeare’s famed play is told through the structure of the First Quarto of 1603 (oft-called the “Bad Quarto) with the words of the First Folio of 1623, a more widely accepted version of Hamlet. According to director Greg Berry, you get a two-hour Hamlet “but you still get all the fireworks.” And fireworks there were. Though a low-budget, bare-bones community production, Hamlet (Variorum) played this moody tragedy well.