Taproot Theater Company


It’s Wilde Time at the Taproot

The brilliance of Oscar Wilde is in good hands with Taproot’s delightful production of Lady Windermere’s Fan. The work sits firmly in the troupe’s wheelhouse, and the cast and crew hit a grand slam with it. Wilde’s subtitle for his script written in 1891 was “A Play About a Good Woman.” Co-director Karen Lund observes in her notes that the play explores such questions as “What is ‘good’? How do ‘good people’ behave? Is it all about following the rules? Whose rules?” The impressive quality about Wilde’s genius is that he is able to handle these weighty topics with such remarkable wit and ease. Imbued with the playwright’s insightful dialogue and clever plotting, this night at the theater rushes by like a cool spring breeze.


The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge at the Taproot

Playwright Mark Brown poses the question: “Can Scrooge learn yet another life lesson?” with his holiday farce The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge. The play revolves around Old Scrooge charging Jacob Marley and the Christmas Spirits with trespassing, kidnapping, assault and battery. The stakes are not enormously high here; how much can be emotionally invested in a lawsuit against a bevy of ghosts? But uniformly solid acting and a clever surprise ending provide enough fun to send us out into the Seattle winter night with a good amount of holiday cheer.


Jeeves Intervenes

Breed Bertie Breed! Escape Bertie Escape!

Since author P.G. Wodehouse was not very keen to have theatrical adaptations of his short stories and novels made, Jeeves Intervenes, now playing at Taproot Theatre here in Seattle is an almost unique opportunity to experience the delights of Wodehouse’s frivolous characters, expert use of humorous language and spend an evening laughing.

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