Larry Hohm delivers stories to both warm and chill your heart

Larry Hohm seems a friend telling stories over a firepit, with an ominous tone and a tenderness that make the suspense all the more palpable. In the cozy stage of 18th and Union, Hohm recited a series of chilling short stories, from acclaimed authors Shirley Jackson, Frederick Brown, Dick Skeen, Ursula K. Le Guin, Anna Starobinets, and Jeffrey Whitmore.


Winter Bird

The Eclectic Theater is a small black box just off Broadway, which contains all the energy and soul that should be present in such a space. Clearly, this company of artists is quite passionate.

Winter Bird, written by Stephen Delos Treacy, tells the story of a simple librarian who is visited by a sultry woman and becomes transfixed by her, but not is all as it seems. Mr. Treacy clearly had a story to tell, likely inspired by his background in wilderness biology. The story seems to rest on mostly solid ground in the first few acts, but ends in a final showdown which left this reviewer perplexed.

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