Loose Rhinoceros About—What’s a Person to Do?

Eugene Ionesco’s play Rhinoceros (1959) grew from his increasingly lonely witness to the attraction that Nazism held among the circles he traveled in during World War II. Ionesco (b. 1909, Slatina, Romania—d. 1994, Paris, France) and many of his friends would have been around 20 in 1939, the prime age for idealist fervor.

Strawberry Theatre Workshop intentionally produced this play to highlight the challenges of our current presidential election climate. Jess K. Smith’s direction found the play’s


The Real Memorandum: Trust No One

On a typical day at the office, Managing Director Josef Gross (played with appropriate increasing bafflement by Galen Joseph Osier), arrives at his desk, opens his Apple MacBook and begins to sift through his inbox. He comes across a memo in a new language, prints it, reads it out loud, has a WTF reaction, and proceeds to search around his offices to find out what it is written in and to get it translated. The language is Ptydepe. …

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