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Curie Me Away did just that

Well-behaved Women Rarely Win Nobel Prizes

Although many people know that Marie Curie and her husband Pierre won the Nobel Prize for discovering radioactivity and some new elements, many people don’t know how many serious obstacles she had to overcome to win her first Nobel Prize in 1903. For example, by law as a woman Marie, (née Sklodowska) was forbidden to enroll in the university in Warsaw. All these obstacles as well as a few French ones, were illuminated in Curie Me Away, Matheater’s musical biography of this incredibly intelligent and tenacious woman.


Calculus a Musical? Really!

Dreaming of Differentials

A wet-dream encountering the inventor of Calculus (who incidentally probably died a virgin) is not exactly the high point of the week for any teen-age girl, especially when she previously considered Calculus a cure for insomnia. However, the full house at 18th and Union found Calculus the Musical, hysterically amusing as well as educational

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