Asylum in Georgia

A World premier, Asylum in Georgia, by Seattle playwright John C. Davenport produced by Red Rover Theatre Company, opened in Fremont on Thursday with more of a wimper than a bang. Taking place in a tiny town in the South, it was a combination of a comedy and mystery, as a woman retraces the steps of her youth to the place where her father died somewhat mysteriously and uncovers a few buried secrets about the town and its inhabitants.


Crimes of the Heart-Hidden away in Woodinville

Three sisters staying in Hazelhurt, Mississippi.

Hidden away among the vineyards and the beautiful scenery is one of Woodinville’s treasures; the Woodinville Repertory Theatre, a professional theatre, which has mounted a stellar and I do mean stellar production of Directed by Jane Ryan, with an outstanding cast including Gemma Quackenbush, Megan Becker, Lori Hunt, Niki Flynn, Connor Kinzer and Rob Girffin, it was one of the most entertaining plays I have seen in a long time.


Tilt Angel

To Mourn or Not to Mourn

Written by Dan Dietz, produced by Theater Simple, Tilt Angel asked the very difficult emotional question: How does a red-neck Southern male, who deals with his emotions by perpetually hiding them in anger, effectively mourn the death of his estranged wife after a 20+ year marriage, when she died unexpectedly, in an airplane crash, the very day she left him.

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