Solo Performances


The Luring Well did not Lure me in

Too much Angst,

K. Brian Neel’s solo performance world premier The Luring Well, opened at 18th and Union this weekend. Termed a “Ukele Horror Song Cycle,” in which “Two Midwest kids discover a bottomless well in the woods and proceed to throw bad things into it: a feral cat, a menacing bully, a cruel teacher, a true love” had its merits but was just too ängstlich (full of angst) for me.


The Truth Be Told

18th and Union, operating out of the New City space in the Central District, this past year has produced and hosted some incredible shows of the small cast variety, which have been a continuing source of creativity and joy. However, the latest show at 18th and Union, produced by the Training Grenades, however well-executed, was not exactly joyful.

Truth Be Told was four unnamed solo pieces, only one of which I would call a ten-minute play, the other three were solo monologues. Although the subject matter of three of the pieces were not quite my cup of tea, the actors, who all emanated from the graduate M.F.A. program at the UW, certainly demonstrated incredible talent and fine training.

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