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Shattered Glass Preview-Staged Reading and Streamed Show

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Staged Reading and Streamed Recording

All New Cells-Streamed

When Nils’s ex-girlfriend dies suddenly, he is dragged back into a toxic online roleplay scene he swore he’d never return to. He’d been doing okay sticking to his seven-year plan for getting over their breakup – but now, everyone either blames him or expects him to have answers, and he’s getting nasty anonymous messages that might be coming from beyond the grave.


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Suffer the Little Children to Come to Me. And I do mean SUFFER!!!!!!

Often at Christmas time, we are bombarded with traditional tales about compassion for the less fortunate. Besides the Biblical tale of the pregnant Mary and Joseph, having to give birth in an unhygienic stable without an epidural, there is also the Christmas Carol about Bob Cratchit’s family, who Alfred Doolittle would describe as the “Deserving Poor”.

However, the true test of “Christian” that is to say Humanitarian values is whether one can feel compassion for the “Undeserving poor.” We all know it is easy to feel compassion for people like Tiny Tim and babies born in stables, but can we feel compassion for the “Undeserving Poor”?. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, now playing on Saturday and Sunday matinees at Seattle Public Theatre addresses just this dilemma.



“Cryptogram” by David Mamet, produced by Seattle Public Theatre, opened at the Bathhouse Theatre this weekend. Taking place in 1959,

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