Scott Nolte


Building Madness-A 1930’s Screwball Comedy at Harlequin

Building Madness, a Double-Entendre if there ever was one.

The title of Kate Danley’s play, which just opened at Harlequin Productions, Building Madness, can be read two ways. Building can be a noun, meaning a “building” that is to say a structural edifice of bricks and mortar or other materials) or it can mean to develop, foster, encourage, or create. Both are applicable to this excellent script, a revival of 1930’s screwball comedy.


Treat your Family to This Christmas at Taproot

The opening funny scene is a harried waitress (Elise) calling to get cake inscription instructions correct. There’s a strong chance the inscription may read “Congratulations New Dog” which is not what Leah intended. The word she wanted did start with “d” as in “Dad.”

Then there’s Mark’s mother Helen who swoops back into their apartment claiming the flights out of Seatac were cancelled, a next door neighbor Patrick who hadn’t really introduced himself

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