Sara Porkalob


Another Classic Made Anew at Seattle Shakespeare

Henry IV, A Historical Play

Seattle Shakespeare’s all-BIPOC project, Drum and Colours, shows amazing visual storytelling in a Shakespeare classic, brewing a mix of Star Wars aesthetics, epic fight choreography and Shakespeare’s lengthy yet time-tested dialogue. It’s 15th century England and King Henry IV has usurped the throne from Richard II and subsequently turned his back on some powerful allies. The Percy family (which includes the Lord of Northumberland and his son Hotspur, known that way for his fierceness and impulsivity), Mortimer, and Owen Glendower (a Welsh Prince), feeling betrayed, start a rebellion against Henry VI and chaos ensues.


“White Rabbit Red Rabbit” Questions Obedience to Authority

What can a censored artist do?

I watched the Seattle premiere of a play in search of a genre: White Rabbit Red Rabbit By Iranian Nassim Soleimanpour at 18th and Union. Billed as a one-act play for an actor that has never read the script, the show also draws into the performance lots of people in the audience.

In the role of “the actor” this evening was Kate Jaeger. Most recently she served as the co-host of this year’s Gregory Awards.

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