Seattle-based actor, Gilly Kelleher, plays the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet

The Show Must Go Online, created by actor-writer-director Rob Myles and producing partner Sarah Peachey, brings together a global cast to perform Shakespeare’s plays live and online every week in the order they were believed to have been written, for free. Each show is cast, produced and rehearsed in under a week. The first show went live on 19th March, and was the first online Shakespeare performance produced in response to Covid-19. Since launching, over 200 actors and creatives have been involved in bringing 13 shows to life.

Seattle-based actor, Gilly Kelleher, will be playing the Nurse in the SMGO’s production of Romeo and Juliet at 11am on Wednesday, May 27.

Romeo and Juliet, The Show Must Go Online. Streamed: Wednesday, May 27. 11 am