Robert J. Aguilar


A Musical of Hip-Hop and Healing

World Premiere of How to Break at Village Theatre

“Just break a little every day, it gets easier that way.”

Village theatre brings tragedy, hope and hip-hop to a moving musical that forces its characters to look death in the face, and keep dancing. How to Break focuses on hip-hop dancer Ana Ramos as she’s diagnosed with cancer and is interned at a children’s hospital for chemotherapy. She tries to keep up with her dance, stresses over her family’s finances, meets another hip-hop boy who’s sick, and faces the reality of her body breaking down despite her best efforts.


Standing Ovation for I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

Juliette Carrilo’s I Am Not Your Perfect Daughter will make you laugh for two hours while also reaching deep into your heartstrings with its honest representation of grief, generational trauma, social inequalities, familial expectations and the struggles of undocumented and 1st generation immigrants in the United States. Based on Erika Sánchez’s novel, Seattle Rep’s latest production – which is also the West Coast premiere of the play – centers around Júlia, a 15-year-old Mexican American grappling with the death of her older sister, her parent’s expectations, her dreams of becoming a famous writer and her own coming of age.

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