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Refugees in the Garden City Stands Out at Taproot Theatre

A Domestic Play on Interracial Marriage, Parenthood and Immigration

Theatre that matters is the objective of both ReAct Theatre and Pratidhwani, something that shows in their productions. Refugees in the Garden City is a human and well-grounded play that shows the struggles of a couple whose life gets very suddenly turned upside down. Rhiannon and Arjun are forced to pack up and move from the United States to Canada in a very short amount of time. They cling to a new job that will grant them their dream lives but have to struggle through hardships, trauma, financial insecurity and relationship struggles, all while taking care of their baby.


The White Snake-Stuns not with Venom but with Beauty

Chinese Folktale-

The White Snake, React Theatre’s superb production of Mary Zimmerman’s play of the same name, now playing at 12th Ave Arts, was 95 minutes of sheer aesthetic beauty involving exquisite original music, incredibly creative visual effects, excellent acting and a truly amazing script. It was delightful in its simplicity and simply delightful.

One of the four great Chinese folktales, the tale of The White Snake has evolved over the years from a horror story to a romance. It has been performed as an opera in China, musical theatre in Hong Kong, and a dance piece in Taiwan. Zimmerman’s English version premiered at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 2012. React’s production is the first all Asian Cast in the U.S. And what a cast it was!!!


Sex with Strangers

ReAct Theatre Celebrates 24 Years with the Seattle Premiere of Sex with Strangers

Laura Eason’s Sex with Strangers has a solid Seattle Premiere in the capable hands of director David Hsieh of ReAct Theatre. This is ReAct’s first show at 12th Avenue Arts on Capitol Hill.

Hsieh has apparently a lucky hand to be the first to bring this 2009 play here as this play’s themes resonate across several local communities. The play ponders questions about internet technology versus old school paper books in our outerworld. Deeper questions reflect tensions within and between writers as they cope with feeling under-appreciated versus over-hyped for the wrong reasons and their impacts on our innerworlds.

This play has one audience among the many people working in tech, and another among the many writers and their readers who fill the Seattle Arts & Lectures talks and populate all those classes at Hugo House.

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