These Shining Lives- A Tearjerker About The Radium Girls

Many of us have heard about the radium girls, but few of us have seen a piece of media about the radium girls like These Shining Lives. As Juli Bacon says in her opening message on Sunday afternoon, These Shining Lives is about the sacrifices workers make and the rights they fight for. These Shining Lights is about 4 coworkers, Catherine Donohue (played by Freda Jorgensen), Frances O’Connell (played by Christina Williams), Charlotte Purcell (played by Rebecca Gelzer), and Pearl Payne (played by Leah Carrell). They all paint luminescent clock faces using radium powder for Radium Dial Co. After 7 years as friends working at Radium Dial, their bodies start to disintegrate. Catherine decides to sue the company.