Laughing it up with the MOTÖRMOUTH Comedy Power Hour

Gas-Up your Giggles, and Rev-up that roaring laughter for the MOTÖRMOUTH COMEDY POWER-HOUR!! Where comedians run their mouths, the house is rocked, and the laughter rolls! The funniest, gut-bustin’-est, wildest comics in and out of Seattle, dial their jokes up to eleven, just to make YOU laugh!!


Storytelling with Larry Hohm – Haunting Tales

Master storyteller Larry Hohm returns to 18th & Union to deliver an evening of spooky tales. He makes stories come alive, telling them from memory without notes. The evening will include stories by Shirley Jackson, Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury, Fredric Brown, and Colin Nissan.


PREVIEW Bret Fetzer and The Moonshine Revival Tent

“Carny Girl”

Bret Fetzer and The Moonshine Revival Tent’s fusion of sprightly storytelling and lush choral singing was described by the MC at a recent Folklife performance as “The Brothers Grimm meet O Brother Where Art Thou.” In their next performance at West of Lenin in Fremont, the Moonshine Revival Tent debuts their newest piece: “Carny Girl”


PREVIEW “Big Broadcast” Reunion

Garrison Keillor did it, now Seattle’s Arne Zaslove does it.

In the early 70’s nobody thought it could be done: to revive old time live radio broadcasts, but Garrison Keillor did it with the Prairie Home Companion; now Seattle’s Arne Zaslove is doing it with the Big Broadcast Renuion.

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