Significant Other, or, Better Yet, Significant Self

Tacoma Little Theatre Features Significant Other

Finding love is never an easy thing to do, but watching all your friends find love before you? It adds an extra level of difficulty, regardless of how happy you are for them. Significant Other acknowledges this struggle through Jordan, who is as excited to find love as anyone else yet is stuck going from engagement parties to bachelorettes to weddings. He cares for each of his friends deeply and showcases how happy he is for them, but he can’t help feeling sad for himself.


Refugees in the Garden City Stands Out at Taproot Theatre

A Domestic Play on Interracial Marriage, Parenthood and Immigration

Theatre that matters is the objective of both ReAct Theatre and Pratidhwani, something that shows in their productions. Refugees in the Garden City is a human and well-grounded play that shows the struggles of a couple whose life gets very suddenly turned upside down. Rhiannon and Arjun are forced to pack up and move from the United States to Canada in a very short amount of time. They cling to a new job that will grant them their dream lives but have to struggle through hardships, trauma, financial insecurity and relationship struggles, all while taking care of their baby.


Irreconcilable History and Fiction in Mr. Dickens and His Carol

Seattle Rep brings Samantha Silva’s acclaimed Mr. Dickens and His Carol to the stage for this Holiday season. The performance is expressive, dynamic and character-driven, with a cast of actors and stage choices that carry the story with ease. First published as a novel in 2017, Silva’s narrative explores the creation of Charles Dickens’ ever-famous A Christmas Carol while, in a Scrooge-like fashion, also going into the past, present, and possible future of the author himself. However, what is not immediately clear is that this is a fictional narrative that, in this case, leans more into fiction than accurate history.


Ghost Writer at Woodinville Rep, A Production of Subtleties

The Woodinville Repertory Theatre is (finally, gladly) back in person after two years, with a production of Michael Hollinger’s Ghost Writer. Inspired by real-life Theodora Bosanquet, a secretary and typist who was said to be able to hear her employer after his death, Hollinger wrote this play back in 2010 and won the Barrymore Award in 2011.

A three-person play – four, if you count the typewriter –, Ghost Writer centers around Myra Babbage’s (Mary Leedy) relationship with acclaimed writer Franklin Woolsey (Curt Simmons), first as his typist and later as his romantic interest.


Sycorax Is Loved

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s classic play, The Tempest, Y York’s Sycorax is a powerful monodrama independent of the influencing work,

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