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Silhouette has Substance and Style to Spare

Silhouette Has Substance And Style To Spare


I think we’ve all encountered at least one moment in our theatergoing careers when the endless restaging of classic shows has worn a little thin. If my arbitrary projection of my own gripes onto you happens to ring even slightly true, allow me to recommend a production by the name of Silhouette, currently playing at Capitol Hill’s Annex Theatre. As an original science fiction acapella musical, Silhouette immediately stands out against the backdrop of a local theater scene steeped in Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams. Now of course, distinction on its own is not enough to carry a production. Which is why I’m very happy to report that Silhouette packs enough dramatic heft on its own merits to entertain a far broader audience than merely fans of the above genres.


Deers or is it Cheers

For their last Mid-week show of their 30th Season, Annex Theatre, presented Deers by Marcus Gorman, an entertaining spoof of the long running TV Sit-com Cheers. In four episodes spread over 11 years, they “aired” the pilot from Season 1, jumped to Season 5 in the next scene, and showed scenes from Season 8 and 11 after the intermission. However, instead of humans inhabiting a bar, there was a tight-knit group of friends, all of whom were animals, from different species, having various kinds of healthy and unhealthy social bar-like interaction.


Ruth and the Sea

What Idea? That our Divorce is on the Rocks!!!!

Emotionally one of the most difficult aspects of divorce must be: How does one deal with the fatal long-term illness of one’s ex-spouse? This is one of the themes of the new play, Ruth and the Sea by Morgan Ludlow, produced by Pacific Play Company, now playing at Annex Theatre. One of the other themes is : What do you do in the last weeks of your life? Play the good patient or let loose and live?



Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

The famous quote by Frenchman Jean-Baptist Karr, which translates as “the more it changes the more it stays the same”, could have been the subtitle of Zapoi, Quinn Armstrong’s interesting original script, which opened on Friday, January 30 at the Annex Theater.


Horse Girls

Power Dynamics in a Teen-age Horse Club

One of the delights of Annex Theater is their “off night” productions, taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday nights; the current Off Nighter, Horse Girls by Jenny Rachel Weiner, is no exception.

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