Musical Theater


A Light in the Piazza-Lovely and Light

Love at First Sight-To Trust it, or Not to Trust It-That is the Question.

Love at First Sight, is it simply lust or is it a psychic signal with chemical/hormonal ramifications and messages, which somehow unconsciously tell us that this could be the one? or one of the ones? Although romantic love rarely lasts given the realities of everyday life, it is such a strong emotion that Freud once said that it induced a near psychotic state in those afflicted with it.

On a more positive note, it can also be a signal that one really should marry the object of romantic love, because, aside from practical reasons, the best motive for marrying someone can be if you cannot imagine a future without them. If the motives are that strong, it can be worth the risk. This is the theme of the highly romantic musical The Light in the Piazza, a concert reading staged by ShowTunes Company, staged at the Cornish Playhouse.


Spring Awakening-The Musical

“They stood perplexed in top hats, as if round the carcass of a vulture. Bewildered crows.”

Berthold Brecht about Franz Wedekind’s funeral

The musical version of a once highly controversial play, Spring Awakening, by Franz Wedekind, opened at Garfield High School’s Quincy Jones Performing Arts Center this week. Although the musical version, with music by Duncan Sheik and lyrics by Steven Sater. won numerous Tony awards on Broadway, in my opinion, it was the sort of play that should never be adapted into a musical.

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