Barbecue sizzles at Intiman

Not your average Dr. Phil intervention

I must admit that when I first heard about Intiman’s new show Barbecue, by Robert O’Hara, about two families, one black, one white, having family interventions for drug-addicted sisters, written by guy with an Irish last name, I cringed. HELP !!!!
The only help I needed was help to stop laughing and occasionally crying, so that the actors on stage could get on with the play. Yes it was a) that funny b) that sad and c)that uplifting. Since nothing can top the eloquence of the director, so I will just quote her because it pretty much sums up what I took away from the play: “ People tend to embrace the things that make us different rather than the complexities that make us all human beings. We want to turn that idea on its head with this story.” And did it ever!!!!! Without ever sounding serious or pompous, the script itself was outrageously witty and the delivery was wittily outrageous.