LIve Radio Broadcast


Twelfth Night Productions Ends Their 30-Year Run and Makes Us Wish For More

It’s a shame that this is Twelfth Night Productions’ last production because it was a true joy to experience. Dynamic, alive, and emotionally meaningful, TNP takes a classic Christmas tale and revives it as a live radio broadcast of the 1940s, with opening skits, live music, and uncomfortably funny lingerie ads. One of the things that makes this production such a pleasure – other than the seamless transition from a film script to a radio one – is how much the cast and crew love their show.


The Bishop’s Wife-Live Radio Show

Angels rush in where fool’s fear to tread.

On the first weekend of Advent, Taproot Theatre opened their Christmas show, not only with an original adaption, by director Karen Lund, of the heartwarming 1949 Live Radio Play, The Bishop’s Wife, but with the Dicken’s Carolers greeting the prospective audience, and the public, on the sidewalk outside the theatre. In terms of Live Radio, Taproot got everything right, in addition to the play, there were hilarious commercials for the local companies sponsoring it, and lots of authentic 40’s touches and audience participation.


PREVIEW “Big Broadcast” Reunion

Garrison Keillor did it, now Seattle’s Arne Zaslove does it.

In the early 70’s nobody thought it could be done: to revive old time live radio broadcasts, but Garrison Keillor did it with the Prairie Home Companion; now Seattle’s Arne Zaslove is doing it with the Big Broadcast Renuion.

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