Jules Mae Saloon


Drunken Owl Theatre-St. Paddy’s Day

St. Paddy’s Day

Drunken Owl Theatre’s next show is Sunday, March 17, St. Paddy’s Day, featuring a couple of Irish-tinged tunes and a greenish play, our theme is “March Madness – Heavy on the Madness.” The cast of Jane Martin Lynch, Lori Bellamy, Terry Boyd and Chris McCullough will read plays by Suzi Bailie, Elena Naskova, Thomas Pierce and John C. Davenport. Lori Bellamy and Mike Hickey will read their poetry and the Bard Owls will play a few tunes.


Marine Mammals and their Mythical Mates -Drunken Owl Theatre’s Variety Show at Jules Mae Saloon

Something for Everyone-but mostly for the Boomer Generation

Drunken Owl Theatre’s third production, Marine Mammals and their Mythical Mates, opened Friday night at what one can only say was a vintage bar; it was such an interesting place that I felt like a tourist in an ancient foreign city, which more or less describes that little corner of Georgetown. The buildings on that section of Airport way were old and rather attractive, with a 19th century brick warehouse opposite, along with the old Rainier brewing. Inside, everything was wood paneling and lots of pictures on the wall and a non P.C. stuffed animal head.

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