Caged Bird Soars at Book-It

Book-it Theater adapting I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings makes for the perfect marriage of form and content. The anecdotal nature of Maya Angelou’s memoir helps it become a perfect source for this troupe’s unique presentation of literary classics. Each separate scene of the autobiography builds upon the next until we have a complete dramatic portrait of a brave, rebellious and resilient black woman enduring and finally coming into her own.


Book-It Brings ‘Treasure Island’ to the Stage

Nearly 13 year old Jim Hawkins (Alex Silva) lives and helps out at the Admiral Benbow Inn with his father (unseen) and mother (Gin Hammond). A mysterious stranger, “Captain” Billy Bones (Jim Gall), arrives and asks Hawkins to keep a look out for a man with a wooden leg. But Bones is found, and he gets first one and then a second unwelcomed visit by pirates looking for him and the map he holds of buried treasure.


Book-It Adapts “A Book for the Time Being”

A Book for the Time Being is a 422 page novel by Ruth Ozeki published in 2013. In the 2 hours and 40 minutes runtime of this play, Book-It packs in a lot in on topics such as: online and physical bullying, loneliness, depression, suicide across generations, Buddhism, dementia, environmental pollution, animal familiars, and (in passing) quantum physics! It was indeed a Herculean task to bring this unwieldy novel to the stage. Chiang and Ferri pull it off with aplomb.

Director Desdemona Chiang is a genius.


Dog of the South

Dog of the South, Judd Parkin’s adaptation of Charles Portis’ 1979 novel, opened at the Center Theater on February 14th. This comedic play centers around military-history-buff-turned-college-student Raymond Midge (Christopher Morson), whose wife, Norma (Shannon Loys), has just run off with his nemesis, Guy Dupree (Joshua C. Williamson) – and his blue Ford Torino.

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