An Evening of Improv, Sketch and a One Man Show

Seattle’s French language improv troupe, Les Seagulls, will present a double bill, Soirée HUMOUR (An Evening of Comedy) on Sat June 16 in Kirkland. The first part will be a new creation at the cutting edge of improvisation and sketch comedy featuring Sebastien Plisson, Clarisse Podalin, Katya Samoylenko, Julien Bouétard, Cédric “Caribou” Barnet, Jérôme Vasseur, and Jonathan Garcia.

After intermission, there will be a one man show written and performed by veteran comedian of French stage, TV and cinema, Gregory Galin, directed by Frédérico Patto. Galin’s social commentary encompasses off-the-wall characters, the media and every subject from the most trivial to the most profound, in order to ask the question: Is it really possible to laugh at anything and everything? …It’s up to you to decide.

Soirée-HUMOUR Improv & Sketch plus Gregory Galin’s Bonne Année» Les Seagulls. Sat, June 16, 8 pm. (doors open at 7:30 pm) 308-4th Ave S, Kirkland, WA 98033 ( Corner of 4th Ave and State St in Kirkland) Tickets:
$15 for single tickets. Group Rates: $10 for UFE members, Students, children or groups of five or more. Info:

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